Technical Support

Supporting our customers is the number one priority at Computer Trust Corporation, and has been the basis for our growth and success over the years.

Although technical support does include traditional activities such as providing patches and fixes for the products, most of our support work falls into answering how-to questions and providing consultative assistance in using the technology of WinSURGE to address pressing operational problems in the lab.

The vast majority of support inquiries are connected to a technical support analyst during the initial call, and "patient care emergencies" are virtually always routed instantly to a specialist. Many inquiries are solved on the spot, and most are completely resolved the same day. And at Computer Trust Corporation, the customer - not the support team - decides whether a problem has been resolved or not.

In survey after survey, users praise the superior quality of technical support from Computer Trust Corporation, and frequently refer to it as one of the best "features" of WinSURGE.

If you are in need of technical support, please contact us either by telephone or by email. Emergency support requests should always be made by telephone to ensure the fastest response.

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