Customer Profile

Computer Trust Corporation develops and installs the WinSURGE family of anatomic pathology laboratory information systems.

WinSURGE customers range from small four and five user systems, handling just a few thousand cases or specimen parts annually, to large sites with dozens of users and volumes in the hundreds of thousands, to national enterprises with hundreds of cases and millions of records. Not only can the system handle this wide range of users and data volume, it is designed to grow and evolve as your case load and staffing needs change, to provide optimal performance at all levels.

The WinSURGE family is in use at client sites of all different types - stand alone commercial and reference laboratories, hospitals, and universities. WinSURGE helps for-profit laboratories compete in ever tighter markets, and helps non-profit laboratories improve service levels and reduce costs and errors.

WinSURGE supports all areas of surgical pathology, from general pathology and cytology, to the special needs of dermatopathology, GI, GU, autopsy, and even veterinary pathology. WinSURGE is also capable of handling your immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, molecular testing, flow cytometry, and tumor bank reporting needs.

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